Sukh Kharoud Got Injured in The Farmers Protest in Chandigarh

Every corner of the nation is aware of the fact that the farmers re protesting for their rights against the government’s new ordinances in Farm Bills. But today when the protest was peacefully going on in front of Chandigarh’s BJP office, an incident took place which is definitely not as peaceful.

The Police force attacked the protesters with Water cannons and also  lathicharge. It was really not acceptable and also an inhumane act. Punjabi celebrity Sukh Kharoud also got his eyes injured. He shared a video on his Instagram account which is reaching out to a mass audience and people are raising questions to the Police.

Screenshot from Sukh Kharoud’s Instagram Reel

This is a matter of discussion because when the protesters are disciplined, the Police force is not supposed to make harm to them in any way.

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