Sukh Sanghera Tests Positive For Coronavirus?

Coronavirus has affected the whole world drastically and now it has set its feet in Punjabi industry too. Rumours suggest that Punjabi music video director Sukh Sanghera has tested positive for coronavirus. While there is no official statement by the artist or by any other source, it is just a rumour, and a very bad one.

Sukh Sanghera had been spending the last few months in Dubai, UAE. There, he was praised by many for bringing the whole industry together at Dubai. Sukh worked with Punjabi superstar Sidhu Moosewala for his upcoming video. He was also seen working with singer Simar Doraha and Kaka.

Another Punjabi star, Khan Bhaini also shot the music video of his latest song with Sukh Sanghera at Dubai. Recently, Sukh was seen working with Akhil for his upcoming project.

While all the Punjabi music fans were cherishing and praising Sukh for bringing in the whole industry together, Sukh testing positive for COVID-19 will be a dreadful news for the fans.

While Sukh was shooting with Akhil for his latest project, he decided to return back to Canada. Authorities tested him for coronavirus and rumours suggest that the report has come out to be positive. There is no confirmation of the news yet and we hope that this is all just a rumour.

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