Summer High Review: Does AP Dhillon Make The Mark This Time?

AP Dhillon has established himself as one of the most successful artists in Punjabi Music already, and it is surely just the beginning of his career. The man is back again with another track ‘Summer High’. It is sung by AP Dhillon while Shinda Kahlon has written the lyrics. Pvli and Sach have together produced the music.

It is for the first time that we are hearing from AP in 2022. His last project was EP Hidden Gems alongside Gurinder Gill, Shinda Kahlon and Gminxr. The audience had become excited for Summer High, considering that it was AP’s first track of 2022.

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The track starts off nice with a good beat. AP Dhillon never misses in the music. A huge reason behind the team’s success has been their music. Summer High has an amazing constant beat that makes it a perfect party track. The music video of the song is unique too. Zac Facts has made a fresh video but there isn’t too much to fetch from that.

The lyrics, Shinda Kahlon the man himself! Has Shinda ever written something that hasn’t become a superhit? He’s once again poured magic into the song with his words. It’s about a guy being all praises for a girl and the best part about Shinda is that even on a hip-hop beat, he uses traditional Punjabi-Urdu words in his writing, which works like a perfect blend.

What disappointed us this time was the absence of the man himself – Gurinder Gill. Fans always wait for Gurinder Gill to drop on the beat and kill it with his verse but in Summer High, we did not see Gurinder Gill anywhere. Nevertheless, AP Dhillon’s voice too was mesmerizing in the track.

Overall, the song gave a strong ‘Excuses-vibe’. And considering excuses is one of the biggest tracks ever in the Punjabi Music Industry, you can already guess what’s happening. Summer High will surely sneak into your playlists and make up for an amazing party banger.

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