Sunanda Sharma Had An Album Planned For 2021, Postponed Due To The COVID Situation

Coronavirus has given some major setbacks to the Punjabi industry. Both, the music as well as the film industry, have suffered losses and fans have been deprived of art and entertainment by the industry. 

There is a wave going on in the Punjabi music industry right now, the wave of music albums. Various artists are coming up with big albums this year, and another artist might have ended up on the list had it not been for COVID.

Just like every artist has plans for the future, Sunanda Sharma recently revealed that she had big plans for 2021. She and her team were working on an album that was planned to be released in the year 2021. The master lyricist Jaani and music producer Avvy Sra were going to be a part of the album.

A Sunanda Sharma album with the duo Jaani and Avvy would have been the biggest surprise of the year, but COVID took it from us. Sunanda stated that releasing the album wouldn’t have been a good idea during these hard times, because neither is the industry active to its fullest nor is it the priority right now. People’s health and safety during these times remain the best interest of the artist. 

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