Sunanda Sharma Impressed With Her Painting, Went To Personally Meet The Fan Artist

Sunanda Sharma, a Punjabi kudi who has been becoming a new ideal for many youngsters, is a well-known singer, actress and model. Sunanda is a gregarious person hence, she always expresses her thoughts and feelings with her fans and followers. Recently, she shared a heartwarming video on her Instagram page.

Sunanda visits an artist’s home to meet him in person. The artist Savroop Singh has made many paintings of Sunanda Sharma. He has an amazing knowledge of art and has drawn portraits of several artists and posted the same on his Instagram account.

To show his true affliction for Sunanda, Savroop painted two of his house walls with her pictures. This gesture of his drove Sunanda to visit the artist’s house and met him personally. She shared her Gratifying experience with others via her social media account. Along with the video, she wrote a few words to convey her emotions and give the details of her visit. 

“Kuj pal eho jahe hunde ne, jihna nu shabdan ch byaan nai kita ja sakda..

@savroopinstaarts veer ne apne ghar di wall te meri tasveer banayi, aur jisdin ohna di eh post dekhi c main.. mainu usdin hi eh c k kehda vela howe k main bhajj k jaawa te us tasveer nal apni photo khichwawa.. 📸

So kal veere huna de ghar jaan da sawabb baneya,te othe apniya tasveeran dekh k man khush ho gya te jo pyaar ohna de pariwaar wallon, maata ji wallon te chote wadde bhain bhara wallon mileya.. oh pyaar main hamesha layi apne andar sama k lai ayi an😊♥️

Waheguru tuhanu sareya nu khush rakhan, sareya de maa baap salamat rehan🙏🏼🤲🏼

P.s:- special thanks to sukhwinder uncle and aunty, didi aur ashish ♥️”

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