Sunanda Sharma Announced New EP Through Her Instagram Story

After a long wait , Sunanda Sharma, the talented Punjabi singer, recently shared some big news on Instagram. She revealed that she is working on a brand-new EP .Sunanda has gained a lot of popularity in the Punjabi music industry due to her amazing voice and ability to connect with listeners.

Her last song was Jatt Disda, featuring Dev Kharoud. The song gained 14 million views in a month. People love Sharma’s soulful and melodious singing style, which makes her songs very emotional and enjoyable.

Sharma has released several other popular tracks as well, such as “Morni,” “Tere Naal Nachna,” and “Sandal.” And a recent hit ‘Jatt Diisda’ on which 600k+ reels were made on Tik Tok . These songs have millions of views and streams on different platforms, showing how much people appreciate her music. She combines tradition with modern beats which make her exception

The announcement of Sharma’s upcoming EP has generated a lot of buzz and  excitement among her fans. They are eagerly waiting to see what she has to offer to for them.Sunanda Sharma is known for pushing boundaries and has become a prominent figure in Punjabi music. Her dedication to her craft and ability to deliver memorable performances have earned her a dedicated fan following. With the upcoming release of her EP, she is having exceptional talent which will lead her to gain an long-lasting impact on the industry 

In conclusion, Sunanda Sharma’s announcement of her new EP on Instagram has created a lot of excitement among fans and music lovers. Knowing about her  past successes, Sharma has established herself as one of the leading artists in Punjabi music. Her upcoming release is highly anticipated, and fans can’t wait to enjoy her beautiful music once again.

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