Sunanda Sharma’s Transformation Over The Years! The Most Glamorous Diva Of The Industry

When Sunanda Sharma made her debut in the Punjabi Music Industry, nobody knew that this voice had just begun a journey that would go on to become one of the most successful careers in the Industry. Along with evolving in terms of her art, she has also grown over the years in reference to her fashion style.

If her look in 2022 is to be compared to how she looked in 2017, you’ll definitely notice a huge difference. Be it her choice of costumes, her hairstyles, her traditional looks, her formals, she’s become a totally new version of herself. The biggest difference that you would notice in her styling is that the singer has become much more bold and creative with her outfits, as compared to when she had just come to the industry.

Here are some of Sunanda’s old looks:

While there is no doubt that Sunanda is killing every outfit in these photos, there’s a lack of creativity in them. Pairing up jeans with a t-shirt, a blazer with jeans and even in her traditional look, there isn’t much creativity and freshness.

Now, here are some of Sunanda’s best outfits of the recent times:

This is the Sunanda of 2022 and we don’t need to tell you the transformation when it’s already pretty evident in these photos. Instead of going with the ‘general’ outfits, she’s become much more experimental and has now started to compliment her outfits with props like handbags etc. Every picture here brings a new Sunanda, a new fashion style that many girls can steal away!

So, Sunanda has definitely grown over the years as an artist, as well as a fashion icon. Today, there are few artists in the industry that can match the glamor of this beautiful diva and she’s become the face of the Punjabi Industry in the country.

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