Sunanda Sharma’s Pagal Nahi Hona Was Delayed For 2-3 Years Before Release

Sunanda Sharma is winning the hearts of her fans by her latest song ‘Pagal Nahi Hona’. The song was released on YouTube today i.e. on January 15th. The song features Bollywood actor Sonu Sood with Sunanda. But did you know this project was pending from the last 2-3 years before its final release? 

Yes that is true. Sunanda had this song already and when she was discussing with Jaani about her upcoming album, she reminded him of the old song they already have, which fortunately was ‘Pagal Nahi Hona’. When Jaani recalled it, he took time to rewrite it and Avvy Sra did the music for it. And finally the outcome impressed them all, and it became the first song to be released from Sunanda’s album.

And also Sonu Sood confessed that he liked this song immediately after he listened to it once. He also said that there are very few songs which win your hearts in one go, and this was one of them for him.

We are loving the song and the chemistry between Sunanda and Sonu, do let us know what is your favorite part from the song?   

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