Sunny Deol “Dislikes Alcohol”, Says  ‘It’s so bitter, smells so bad’

Popular Bollywood actor,Sunny Deol,  is very well known for  his powerful and dynamic performances. With his iconic dialogue delivery and intense on-screen presence, he has won the hearts of many. 

Sunny Deol,  is currently basking in the praise he’s receiving for his most recent project, Gadar 2, which did extremely well at the box office. 

The actor Speaking with Mashable India, recently shared his thoughts on alcohol, describing it as ‘bitter.’ The actor, who has been abstaining from alcohol for a while, reminisced about the one time he tried it and couldn’t understand what all the fuss was about.

Sunny Deol said, ” “Ye nahi ki maine try nahi kiya. Jab main England gaya tha to maine try kia tha to be part of the society but daaru ka mujhe samajh hi nahi aaya ki itni kadvi, upar se smell itni gandi hai, upar se sar dukhta hai, toh kyun peete hain? Ye koi matlab nahi hai, isiliye I never did that.” ( It’s not that I haven’t tried… When I went to England, I did try to be a part of the society, but I simply couldn’t understand alcohol. It’s so bitter, and the smell is so unpleasant, plus it gives you a headache. So why do people drink it? It makes no sense, that’s why I never did that.)

During the interview, Rajveer Deol, Sunny Deol’s son shared, “The first time Dad got a hint was when I had had only one beer. Dad was sleeping and I was walking to pick up something because I left my charger next to his bed and I tripped on his charger and he thought I was drunk. He could smell that one beer on my breath and after that, they…”

When inquired about Sunny’s recollection of the event, he discussed the concept of discipline in their family. He said, ” I didn’t know when both my sons started drinking. This has been the case in my house always. My father didn’t know many things about me. Like this, the children stay a little disciplined. A child will do what he has to do,” said Sunny, whose recent film Gadar 2 broke several box office records. The actor added, “I come from such a strict family but I did whatever I had to do but I never liked alcohol.”

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