Sunny Deol Shares That His IQ Is 160; Netizens Trolled & Compared Him To Albert Einstein

Ranveer Allahbadia’s podcasts are very famous these days. The youtuber regularly invites popular guests to his show and ask them different questions about their struggles and life. 

Recently Sunny Deol was invited to Ranveer Allahabadia’s podcast titled ‘Sunny Deol Uncensored – Films, Zindagi & More.’ Sunny Deol was very candid throughout the interview as he discussed his films, childhood experiences, fitness etc. 

While talking about his childhood experiences, Sunny Deol revealed that the actor suffered from dyslexia when he was a child. For the unversed, dyslexia is a neurodevelopmental condition which affects the writing and reading skills. 

After knowing about this Ranveer Allahabadia asked Sunny Deol that this must be a challenging period for him as dyslexia is a specific disorder in children. 

Sunny Deol was very confident as he answered “Mera IQ bhot high tha. I had a very high IQ because school main unhone mujhe test kiya tha so my IQ was over 160 something”. This answer not only stunned the host but the audience too. 

Now people are comparing Sunny Deol with Albert Einstein and trolling the former for sharing his IQ levels. 

Albert Einstein is considered to have an IQ level around 160. Generally, an average human has an IQ level around 100 which is considered to be normal. Anybody who has an IQ level around 140 is considered to be a genius. 

So as per Sunny Paaji his IQ levels are almost same as Albert Einstein which surprised the audience and because of this the actor has fallen prey to trollings and criticisms. 

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