Suriya’s ‘Jai Bhim’ Became First Tamil Film To Feature On Oscar’s YouTube Channel

Notable Tamil Actor Suriya seems to be on roll, as his movie ‘Jai Bhim’ turned out to be the breakthrough film of his career. The film sensitively touches upon subjects such as the caste divide and is based on a true incident that took place in 1993. The makers of the film have added another feather to their hat.

Along with the director’s story narrative, a scene from ‘Jai Bhim’ has been featured on the official YouTube channel of the Oscars. The film directed by TJ Gnanavel is a hard-hitting courtroom drama about the fight for the oppressed and caste-based discrimination. Also, this is the first Tamil Film to earn this honor. 

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‘Jai Bhim’ features Suriya in the role of real-life lawyer Chandru, who dedicated his life fighting for the oppressed without charging a single penny. Further, the scene throws the limelight on a group of people, just released from a local jail and their families patiently waiting to receive them. 

As they walk out, they’re stopped and asked about their caste. Those from the lowermost castes are told to stay back, booked in pending cases and handed over to the local police who pay the prison officer to take them away.

This great piece of news has been shared by Suriya’s Production House that is 2D Entertainment.

Meanwhile, the film has left no stone unturned to make the headlines. Earlier, ‘Jai Bhim’ received tremendous critical appreciation, despite landing into controversies. Moreover, it also received a Golden Globes 2022 entry. Apparently, Jai Bhim is currently the highest user-rated film on IMDb, with a score of 9.6.

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