Swarndeep Gill’s Hilarious Observation About Girls’ Instagram Reels Is The Funniest

Swarndeep Gill, a popular Social Media Influencer is best known for the humorous yet hilarious content and videos he posts on his Instagram account. We can see a lot of relatable stuff coming from his side many times. He recently shared a reel on his Instagram handle which is titled as, ‘Kudiya After AP Dhillon drops new track’ which got instantly viral among the audience. 

He has made a reel on song Desires by AP Dhillon and Gurinder Gill. The song went viral all over social media immediately after it was released. But what caught our glimpse is when he imitated the girls and flaunted his skills in his recent reel video.

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There’s no doubt that he came up with a whole different idea and excelled his creativity in making an Instagram reel. He used a black cloth to fake long hair, and this looked extremely funny. And complimentary is the fact that his lip-syncing, hand movements and expression are making the video even more outstanding.

This got stuck in fans’ heads as they found it very relatable. This reel enjoys millions of views on Instagram. The fans are sharing it in their stories and expressing their funny reactions in the comment section too. Some believe his reel is still better than girls and some are saying the hair flip seems a bit dangerous.

Swarndeep Gill makes sure he entertains the audience every time by posting the most humorous and comical stuff. You can check out Swarndeep’s Instagram profile for more fun and hilarious content. 

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