‘Swastika’, Is This The Name Of Sikander Kahlon’s Upcoming Album?

In the ongoing phase of albums, Punjabi rapper Sikander Kahlon has now again joined the league as he has updated the fans about his upcoming album that is on its way to be announced soon. He has been updating the audience about the same for the past few days. 

Rapper Sikander Kahlon has been continuous in giving some clues about his upcoming album which is unnamed yet. But some hints are forcing us to guess the name of the album. He has recently posted a ‘Swastika’ on his Instagram story and even changed his IG profile picture to the same. 

Swastika is an ancient religious icon in the cultures of Europe and Asia. This religious icon is a symbol of divinity and spirituality in the Indian religions including Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism. Swastika symbolizes sun, prosperity and good luck. 

It is not at all clear whether this will be the name of his upcoming album or something related to this as this has more meaning including Sun. Let’s get it cleared from Sikander Kahlon only once he makes an official announcement regarding his forthcoming album. 

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It has just been a few months when we saw an album dropping from Sikander’s end and now another surprise is on its way to be announced soon. Sikander Kahlon has dropped a recent album named ‘Mr. Friday, The 13th’ on his official Youtube channel. 

Not just this, the rapper has previously done a number of albums like, ‘SK Is The Future’, ‘MF13’, ‘MIKHAIl’ and more and is known for his amazing collaboration with Sidhu Moosewala for the song ‘Racks And Rounds’ from his album ‘Moosetape’. 

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