Switzerland’s Renowned Lund University Has Had Enough Of The Indians On Social Media. Yes, You Read It Right! Lund University

The world is a collection of different people, ethnic groups, cultures and languages brought together. With over 6500 languages in the world, one word in a language can often mean something else in the other. This is what happened with a Switzerland University.

Switzerland’s Lund University has been the cause of amusement among Indians for a long time now. The institute’s name “Lund” actually means “Green Area” in their native Swedish language. But every now and then students from India discover the university’s name and start trolling. 

Fed up of all this trolling on Facebook, the reputed institute showed their disappointment from Indians and how they have to spend hours deleting unwanted comments to keep the page manageable and relevant to actual seekers.

Even Indians extended their support to the university, understanding the inconvenience caused by their fellow countrymen to the university. The university is ranked among the Top 100 Best Universities of the world, and such a renowned name would want to keep their portfolios respectable. Several Indians themselves took on people trolling the university for its name. Look at some of these tweets :

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