Explained: Why The 2023 Turkey & Syria Earthquake Was So Deadly?

Turkey and Syria recently went through a deadliest earthquake that took the lives of thousands and stomped an imperishable scar on the maps of both these countries and on the lives of the citizens. What were the reasons that made this earthquake so deadly? Read to know.

On 6 February 2023, a major 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck northern and western Syria and southern and central Turkey. This earthquake was so deadly that it took 34,000 lives in both countries. According to the US Geological Survey, The quake hit at a depth of 18 kilometers. Its center was in southern Turkey, near the northern border of Syria.

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The reason this earthquake was so deadly was that it didn’t strike alone as it was followed by two other strong magnitude quakes that devised the scenario in both the victim countries. 

This earthquake occurred in a seismically active area known as the East Anatolian fault zone, which has also produced damaging earthquakes in the past as well. But this time, it caused so much damage because the earthquake hit near heavily populated areas in Turkey and Syria. 

As the affected area was not hit by a major quake for over a century, there was no or low preparedness and so was the structural integrity of the high-rise buildings. Officials have also reported that thousands of buildings collapsed in the earthquake. This includes “pancake collapses“, where upper floors of a building fall straight down onto the lower floors, which is a sign that the buildings couldn’t absorb the shaking.

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So it is clear that low preparedness in the heavily populated regions, where the quake strike makes the 2023 Syria-Turkey earthquake so deadly

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