Take A Glimpse At Guru Gobind Singh’s Artwork Made By Foreign Artisan

The world’s fifth most popular religion, Sikhism, is growing across the globe. When there’s any problem, Sikh is always there to help you out. This pandemic has enhanced the image of Sikhs. People from every corner of the world acknowledge the help Sikhs gave to them.

From contributing oxygen to traveling service to feeding the poor, the Sikhs are nearly always the first to help. And have you wonder where all these came from. As Sikh is the religion of spreading love, promoting compassion and inspiring generosity, they get these good values from their Sikh Gurus. 

Today let’s meet such a person who is making Sikh religion proud. There’s a man named Randy Dhillon, he got someone to make a painting on Guru Gobind Singh ji who is the tenth guru from all. The girl who made the painting is an international artist named Melissa Issakov. She is a great artist.

Melissa posted the picture of herself sitting next to the painting. The painting is so respectable and admirable. She made a painting from Acrylic paint, which gives a true image of Guru Gobind Singh. Thanks to such people who still spread their religion globally and didn’t forget their roots. Many people shared the painting including Byg Bird.

Take a glance at the painting:


Melissa is a tremendous artist and she made many masterpieces. Let’s have a look at other ones also.


Moreover, it’s a coincidence that she posted the picture of the painting on the occasion of Father’s Day. And people who belong to the Sikh religion follow his teachings. He was a writer and a poet. He has also declared the Holy Scriptures of Guru Granth Sahib as the permanent guru of Sikhism. People of punjab believes a lot in him.

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