“Take His Di*k Out Of Your Mouth”: Byg Byrd Lashes Out At A Sidhu Moosewala’s Fan Page

It is not something new to see Punjabi superstars using the Instagram comment section to let out the heat. Recently, Punjabi singer Tarna posted a picture of himself on Instagram and Byg Byrd got indulged in a fiery verbal spat with one of Sidhu Moosewala’s fan pages. 

Byg Byrd first commented under Tarna’s post with a couple of emojis that implied Tarna’s rise to fame. A fan page dedicated to Sidhu Moosewala, Stanofsidhu, called Byg Byrd out for giving false hopes to any artist and also added that what Byrd earned from his music last year, he barely earned anything of that level this year.

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Byg Byrd was quick to come up with a reply to the fan page’s comment and the reply wasn’t something anybody would define as ‘polite’. Byg Byrd replied to Stan Of Sidhu’s comment that if you took ‘his’ **** (a brinjal emoji) out of your mouth, you would be able to see properly.


While Byg Byrd did not directly specify that he was referring to Sidhu when he wrote ‘If You Took ‘His’ **** Out Of Your Mouth’, but the public is of the opinion that Byrd was talking about Sidhu Moosewala at that time. We all know Byrd and Sidhu are not ‘friends’ to be precise so the audience made the above-mentioned speculations.

Byg Byrd’s unexpected reply attracted a lot of heads from the audience. Ever since Byg Byrd and Sidhu Moosewala have had a breakup, they have been surrounded by controversies. Once again, Byrd’s reply has come off as a surprise to the audience. Do you think it was an appropriate reply?

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