Takht Shri Hazoor Sahib, Maharashtra To Use Gold Reserves Maintained For 50 Years To Build Hospitals

One of Sikhism’s five takhts, Takht Shri Hazoor Sahib, situated in Maharashtra, has done something that has set an example for the whole country. Exhibiting the true spirit of philanthropy, the gurdwara has decided to use its gold reserves to build hospitals and healthcare facilities in Nanded, Maharashtra.

This will prevent people from travelling to Hyderabad and Mumbai for treatment. 

Jathedar of Takht Hazoor Sahib, Sant Baba Kulwant Singh Ji, appealed to the whole world that the gurdwara should not fix the gold to it, rather help the whole world with that money by building hospitals, healthcare facilities and medical colleges.

The global pandemic of coronavirus has made us all realize the true value of our health and the unpredictability of life.

The gurdwara’s decision to use its gold that has been amassed in its treasury for over a span of 50 years to strengthen the healthcare base of the country, has set an example for various institutions, organizations and religious units all over the world.

Sikhs are rightly known as the true server’s to humanity and this step by the gurdwara has just proved the statement right.

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