Tamanna Foundation: A Non-Profit Organization Working To Change The Lives Of People Who Have Lost All Hopes

In today’s world where money is ‘everything’, Tamanna Foundation exists as a non-profit organization, working day and night only to improve the lives of the people who are financially unstable or poor and are denied basic necessities of life. India, along with being one of the biggest economies in the world, also ranks high among the most poverty-stricken countries. 

Tamanna Foundation, run by top Punjabi video director Preet Singh, is a self-funded non-profit organization. It was launched on 30 October 2021 with an aim of helping financially poor families. Preet Singh, who has made his fair contribution to the Punjabi Music World, has now contributed to making Punjab a better place for people to live.


All that the foundation works for is providing basic necessities like food, shelter and education to those who cannot afford it. Due to overpopulation, high employment rate and lack of opportunities, a lot of families in Punjab are not even able to buy a day’s meal, despite working hard to make a living for them. Tamanna Foundation is nothing less than a boon for such people.


“A Wish, A Hope” is the motto of the foundation. Preet Singh describes these as the ‘two pillars of life’. Preet Singh revealed that the recent times in his life haven’t been ordinary. Many incidents that took place in his life touched his heart and it became the driving force for Preet to launch the initiative.

Preet wrote that he’s been through too much in his life and all of it has taught him one thing, “the one who does not leave working hard even in hard times, his ‘Tamanna (wish) is fulfilled for sure!”. So Tamanna Foundation helps such hardworking people and fulfills their wishes.


Aiming to provide a ray of light in the darkness for people, the initiative, if not much, will provide at least food, shelter and education to the people. As of now, it is a totally self-funded programme and is not even raising funds. It is hard to find initiatives like the Tamanna Foundation in today’s world. We hope the foundation is successful in achieving its goal!

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