Tania Was Supposed To Lead ‘Qismat’, Why Did She End Up Doing A Supporting Character Only?

It is always a risk to launch a new actor into the movies. Nobody knows the destiny, nobody is beforehand aware of what it would take the makers to at the end but it is correctly said that vibes and intuitions don’t lie. Jagdeep Sidhu, the director of Tania’s debut movie Qismat, has a wonderful revelation of the actress’s roles in the movies directed by him. 

Everyone is aware of the tragic death of Sargun’s character in Qismat. Because of this storyline and ending, Jagdeep wanted a fresh face for this movie as he thought that an established actor has an image among the audience and it would not be suitable for such actors to do such films, if they take a fresh face as a lead in such sad-ending films, then it is way more better as the actor is not a recognized once among the viewers.  

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Tania did ‘Son Of Manjeet Singh’ before Qismat but it got delayed in its release, so the associate producer of that movie suggested Jagdeep to have Tania as a lead and to audition her for the same as he needed a fresh face. Jagdeep saw many audition clips of Tania but they were virtual and the issue was that she was in Canada and trusting someone virtually was not a good option, but if she was in India at that time Tania might have been roped in for the lead of Qismat. 

“During that time Tania somehow came to India but Sargun was already dealt for the lead actress of Qismat, so I asked her to be another character for the same film. I made sure that if the movie works in future then the role I have for you would definitely be remembered and noticeable”, says Jagdeep. And the same happened, ‘Aman’ from Qismat is still remembered and Tania got a break through that film. 


Later when Jagdeep was to make Sufna, he could not repeat Sargun as he already wanted to do Qismat 2 with her and repeating the same cast would not be that impactful. Jagdeep had an image of a Pakistani girl and decided to have a look similar to that in Sufna of the female lead. It matched with Tania and she got roped in for that as the main character. 


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Audience is now the witness of how much these movies and Tania’s characters were loved by them and are still remembered when talking about the actress. 

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