Tania Went Through A Physical Transformation Too. Gained 13.4 kgs

The very talented punjabi actress Tania recently shared a post on Instagram that left the audience amazed. We all are well aware of how talented she is as an actor but little did we know the hardwork and effort that goes behind it.

Tania updated her fans with her weight gain journey for the upcoming movie ‘Lekh’. She expressed her feelings for the journey by describing it as ‘a different experience watching myself gained onscreen’. She gained a total of 13.4kg and no less. While losing the weight is trending, gaining on the other hand is no cup of tea but she proved to her fans that if you love something enough, anything is possible.

We are all really proud of the efforts she has put and appreciate her for the same. She also wrote that though she had to gain weight for this, she also has to lose weight for her upcoming project within a week and get in shape.

Here is the link to her Instagram post :


Apart from this, the lead actor of the movie, Gurnaam Bhullar also shared his journey for gaining 30kgs of weight for the movie. Seeing the hardwork that the have put for the movie, we are eagerly waiting to witness their transformation and the magic they are going to create on screen.

Now, the weight that has been put on for the role, will also have to be lost. Tania, who will also be appearing in Qismat 2, only has 10 days to get back in shape. Losing all the weight in just 10 days is going to be an extremely tough job for Tania.

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