Tarsem Jassar Pathani Salwar Struggle Prove That He Is Not An Angry Young Man

Tarsem Jassar is an Indian Singer, lyricist, actor, model and producer. He began his Pollywood journey as a lyricist in 2012 with the song Vehli Janta, Kulbir Jhinjher sang the song. Later he joined the singing community and gave several tracks like Galwakdi, Asool, Rehmat and many others. Furthermore, he edged forward and had a shot in acting and aced it as well. Tarsem’s debut movie Rabb Da Radio was a big hit.

Most of the industry consider Tarsem Jassar a serious man who barely laughed or participated in any comic act. Lately, his increased public appearance has cleared out this rumor, in fact in one of the interviews he shared an onset funny moment. During the shooting of Sardar Mohammad, Tarsem has to wear a pathani salwar kurta for his character.

The Salwar which he had to wear was so big that it needed to be held by two to three persons and later Tarsam stepped into it and tied it to his waist. In short, he required assistants to wear that salwar, which made him a laughing stock for his friends and crew. Imagine many people wear this attire daily, how do they even manage this! 

Well, it was Tarsam’s first experience with this kind of costume. He might have learned it by now and would not require any external help to wear a salwar for his future film. 

On the occasion of his birthday, we shared a funny incident to make everyone smile. We wish Happy Birthday and good luck to Jassaran da Kaka and hope he always comes up with flying colors.

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