Emergency: Kangana Ranaut Brilliantly Transforms Into Indira Gandhi! Check Out TEASER & Netizens’ Reactions Here

Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut maintains her image in the news for various reasons. Sometimes, the buzz is about her latest pictures, and other times it is related to her statements. Ranaut is popularly known for her bold statements which often ignite some hot controversies. But this time, she is trending for her upcoming movie; Emergency. 

The shooting of Emergency has begun and has created headlines various times. Recently, the film’s team has also released the teaser of the upcoming movie. In the teaser, Kangana is looking absolutely unrecognizable as she has transformed into India’s former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. 

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The teaser also includes a very strong scene where an official asks Indira Gandhi (Kangana) if it is okay if she is addressed with madam. To this, she responds by saying, ‘Tell the President that in my office, people refer to her as ‘sir’ and not ‘madam’.’


The cinematography and background score of the teaser is also attention seeking, but what about the reaction of netizens to it? As usual, the internet is divided as there are people who have really liked the teaser and on the other hand there are others who are criticizing the same. 

Some are praising Kangana for her great transformation and imitation, while others are trolling her for making a propaganda movie. Have a look at some of the reaction tweets of netizens on the teaser of Kangana Ranaut’s Emergency.


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Coming to the credits of the film, it is written and directed by Kangana Ranaut herself.  The actress will also be seen in the leading role of Indira Gandhi in the film. Ritesh Shah has penned the screenplay and dialogues for the film and Oscar-winner David Malinowski is the man behind Kangana’s brilliant transformation. 

Kangana Ranaut had stated that the film is not a biography of Indira Gandhi, hence more details on the project are highly awaited. 
Moreover, Kangana was last seen in Dhaakad which was a big fail at the box office. Will the actress be able to make her grand comeback in the box office charts or not? All will be revealed with the release of Emergency.

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