Teeja Punjab Review: With Real And Reel Struggles Of A Family And Farmers, This Movie Becomes A Must Watch

CastAmberdeep Singh
Nimrat Khaira
BN Sharma
Aditi Sharma
Karamjit Anmol
Nirmal Rishi
DirectorAmberdeep Singh
Kiddaan Rating

You’re lying if you say that you were not waiting for the release of Teeja Punjab since when it’s trailer was out. We personally experienced the boost in adrenaline in our body when we watched it’s trailer. The movie is finally on the silver screens near us, and we have watched it already. We usually describe the vibe of the movie in the very beginning so that you can have a clear idea about the same, hence, if we have to review Teeja Punjab in a sentence or two, we would like to quote, ‘The movie will help you experience the the reel feeling of what all the protesting farmers had to go through while fighting for their rights. Or we can simply say that this movie represents what it feels like losing something very dear to you.’

Starting with the plot and storyline of the movie, which you all are very eager to know about; the movie Teeja Punjab indirectly represents the struggles faced by the farmers. But it’s not only about the protest, but also about the individual lives of the characters and their families. We wish we could reveal more about the story in detail, but we really don’t wish to ruin the emotional rollercoaster ride waiting for you in the theatres. 

The film is beautifully written & directed by the ace filmmaker Amberdeep Singh, and we are all praises for him. Apart from writing and directing, Amberdeep has also acted as the lead actor of the movie, which we will surely mention in details for sure. But before that, let’s include the other star cast as well. Teeja Punjab includes a rich casting as amazing actors like Nimrat Khaira, BN Sharma, Aditi Sharma, Karamjit Anmol, Nirmal Rishi, Balwinder Bullet, Jayy Randhawa and more have acted in the movie. As already known, Amberdeep and Nimrat are playing the lead couple in the movie. We have to mention that they have absolutely won our hearts. From fighting for little things, taunting each other and expressing the unexaggerated and simple love, their chemistry was so perfect together that at some points, one forgets the fact that they are only acting as married to each other. Apart from them, we are also astonished with the very natural acting skills of Gurtej Singh, the child actor who has played the on screen son of Amberdeep and Nimrat. And this fact is very obvious that each and every actor has impressed us because there is none who hasn’t proved to be a great one in the past.

Now talking about the characters, while Amberdeep plays a simple and innocent man, who trusts the village’s sarpanch blindly and as a result loses his land, Nimrat Khaira as his wife plays a strong and bold woman who stands for the right and raises her voice wherever needed. And talking about the supporting characters which outshined the most, we need to mention the names of BN Sharma as the evil Sarpanch, Jayy Randhawa as the youngster with boiling blood and Balwinder Bullet as the village master who unites everyone. 

The only things which could have made this movie a perfect 5/5 for would be a perfect ending. The ending felt a little uneasy, as already mentioned that the story of Teeja Punjab carries the two parallel plots connected to each other; the personal issues between Amberdeep and Nimrat’s character, and the Farmers’ Protest. But as the movie heads towards the ending, it focuses on the Amber-Nimrat aspect more, while some strings of the Farmers’ Protest are left loose. So if you are someone who is into every detail, you might feel the ending is a little abrupt and pushed towards the ‘Happy Ending’ conclusion.

But if we talk about the overall watching experience, we are sure, you will start with laughing, and by the end you will forget the number of times, there was a smile on your lips and your eyes were wet. With various happy & extremely emotional moments and real scenes from the Farmers’ Protest included, we believe Teeja Punjab is not only the finest Punjabi Movie released in the year 2021, but will be counted among the most beautiful Punjabi movies ever made in history. And each one who is directly or indirectly connected to movies has included a memory in their lives to be always proud of. 

And we also believe that whenever in the future, the Farmers’ Protest will be remembered, people will also mention the movie, Teeja Punjab as it has beautifully represented the power of unity, family’s support and dedication which lead to the historic winning of the farmers.

PS: Are you really waiting for us to write it? Ofcourse, Teeja Punjab is a MUST WATCH! 

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