Teeja Punjab Trailer Review: The Ideal Presentation Of Protest Will Force You To Say ‘Kisaan Majdoor Ekta Jindabad’

The makers have finally unveiled the much awaited trailer of the more anticipated film ‘Teeja Punjab’. We can, without being uncertain, say that this will not only make the people emotional but also fill them with high spirits to hold their hopes high along with the farmers’ and the situation currently. 

The trailer of Teeja Punjab is totally staunched to the farmers’ protest which has been continuous for more than a year now. The amazing representation of what our farmers are facing is what it clearly depicts. Shades of Punjab and its versatile people, the bond between the region’s people with their lands focuses on to catch our hearts in an emotional way. 

It starts with a fun argument between husband and wife, Amberdeep & Nimrat, and ends with the tough termination with fighting and standing together for their rights. The real representation of Amberdeep as a director and cinematic excellence of the movie is seen in one of the dialogues of the film, featured in the trailer. Sukh Sanghera’s character calls the farmer’s protest site, ‘Teeja Punjab’. The first one being India’s ‘Charda’ Punjab, second one – Pakistan’s Lehnda Punjab, and third Punjab being Canada. But the movie states that Canada might be popular as ‘Teeja Punjab’ all over the world but it is the farmers’ protest site, which beholds the real story and the struggles of Punjab, which is a part of the Punjabi history now, where lies the real ‘Teeja Punjab’.

What a farmer has with him, for his living is the ‘Land’. Nimrat Khaira’s character is what we can say is one of the boldest ones. She fights for her land when the force and others try to lay hands on it. Standing boldly, she represents today’s house-lady with her strong will to make the family work. 

With the lead actors giving their best, you will see many known faces from the Pollywood overshining their characters in Teeja Punjab. Jayy Randhawa, Sukh Sanghera, Hardeep Gill, Karamjit Anmol and more will also be watched out for in the upcoming movie. 

The overall fun-emotional drama has already been attached to our hearts and soul because of the presentation and the real-life based ongoing incidents. We bow our heads to it and are very solely waiting for this movie to get released in the theaters on 3rd Of December. It is just less than a month and for the time being this 3 minute snippet will be our spot to hold our curiosity. 

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