Teenager Dies After Hanging Himself While Making An Instagram Reel

We have heard of many incidents when the ‘Reels’ or ‘Tik Tok’ videos shooting have resulted in life devastating events for many people. A quite identical heart-rending incident has recently taken place in Madhya Pradesh. 

A 16-year old teenager from Indore was shooting for the IG reels when an unfortunate event happened. Aditya, son of Devilala Nayak, a 10th class student accidentally hung himself to death as he was shooting a video for Instagram reels. Aditya was very fond of making videos on such social media platforms. He was a social media addict and used to upload videos regularly. 

Source : Telegraph India

In the past, Aditya’s family made him delete all such social media apps but it was last week when his parents went to attend a marriage function in Ratlam and the teenager tried to take advantage of the same. He called his friends at his home and tried to shoot a fake video sequence of him hanging. When Aditya climbed the chair and put the noose around his neck, he slipped, leading to a deathly grip around his neck. The fellow mates of the victim fled the spot immediately. 

It was unnoticed until Aditya’s younger brother Rajdeep returned from his coaching classes in the afternoon. Seeing the terrifying incident, he gathered his neighbours and rushed his brother to the nearby private hospital. As soon as he reached the hospital, the doctors declared him dead. 

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The Police have seized Aditya’s phone and have started the investigation. The friends of the dead have confirmed that Aditya was shooting a fake hanging sequence. However, no related video from the deceased’s mobile phone has been found yet. This heart rending case is currently under investigation. 

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