Television Movie Review: Fascination For TV Showcased In Hilarious Movie With A Social Message

Television Movie Review
StarcastKulwinder Billa, Mandy Takhar, Gurpreet Ghuggi, BN Sharma, Seema Kaushal, Kaka Kautki, Harby Sangha and more.
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Punjabi Film Industry is treating fans with amazing movies one after another. And now, Kulwinder Billa’s Television has also hit the silver screens. The film is directed by Taj. The film includes a supreme star cast, hence we had high expectations from it. But did it actually fulfill them? Read this Television movie review to unveil. 

The film’s title made us all excited to watch the film and guess what it will serve the audience. We have watched it, and are here to help you before you finally book your tickets for the next show.


The trailer of Television had already revealed that it is a story based on the period when televisions were not too normal in households. People then were fascinated with television and considered it a luxury. 

In the film also, villagers’ fascination and desire to watch television has been showcased. It is a love story of Tarai (Kulwinder Billa) and Raano (Mandy Takhar). While Mandy is someone whose father is extremely against dowry and on the other hand, Kulwinder Billa’s mother has put forward a condition stating she will only get a daughter-in-law who brings television along with her.

In this dramatic scenario, how this couple manages to get married and handle the troubles is exactly what you have to watch the film for. 

Acting & Characters

We are now heading toward the actor and the characters in this Television movie review. It stars Kulwinder Billa and Mandy Takhar in the leading roles. The duo has never shared the screen together before. 

Yes, it was good to see a fresh pair on screen, but it did not turn out to be very impressive. Mandy, who has acted in movies like Rabb Da Radio, Mirza, Sardaar Ji 2 and more was weak in this film. The expressions of the actress went flat in some sequences, while she managed to do a decent job in others. 

When mentioning Kulwinder Billa in the Television movie review, we have to mention that his looks in the film were really eye-grabbing. Not because he looks dashing or exceptionally handsome, but for the fact that his outfits and hairstyle actually looked from the old times. 

Also, no doubt both Kulwinder and Mandy are great artists, they did not look perfect as a pair on screen. Some sort of uncomfort was easily visible between them, especially in the music video of the song Naina Diyan Galtiyan

Supporting Cast

Apart from Kulwinder and Mandy in the lead, Television had a promising supporting cast as well. It starred acclaimed actors like BN Sharma, Seema Kaushal, Gurpreet Ghuggi, Harby Sangha, Kaka Kautki and many more.  

We could have talked about these artists in the acting and characters section also, but we thought they really deserve an individual space to get appreciation. 

Gurpreet Ghuggi plays a good friend of Kulwinder Billa, BN Sharma plays a supporting role, that too for just a while, Harby Sangha is seen in a small role as well, Kaka Kautki also steals the show in a sequence, and guess what? All these supporting characters actually made the film fun to watch. 

The cat-fight sequences between Satwinder Kaur and Mohini Toor were also the highlight of the film. If you have ever watched two ladies in your neighborhood fight, this film is going to give you major flashbacks. 

Music & Dialogues

The playlist of the film is an average one. It’s not too good, but also not bad. You’ll enjoy the musical entertainment in between the films in regular intervals of time. 

And the dialogues really are the show-stealers! We have to talk about the dialogues in this Television movie review because they seriously made the audience go crazy in the hall. 

We literally saw people laughing out loud, cheering and cherishing all the humor in the film. Some of the dialogues are really hilarious and for it all the appreciation needs to fall in the baskets of Tata Benipal and Aman Sidhu. 

Direction & Editing

Television is directed by Taj. And with the help of some strictness on the editing table and working on the screenplay, he could have easily made Television a lot better. 

As the film approaches the end, it feels like an abrupt shift to a happy ending. This film should not have ended in a hurry just because a happy ending is required. In fact, there should be better division in the screenplay, so that the conclusion could have had more time to look acceptable and normal.  

Nostalgia & Social Message

The Television movie review will be left incomplete if we won’t discuss the dose of nostalgia and the lesson of a social message that this film gives us all. Yes, we no longer are in the same era, but the film shows the practice of dowry at that time. 

And nostalgia is something that always hits the right spot. If you have ever been to your friend’s place just to watch television in childhood, or waited for your favorite programs on Doordarshan, this film will make you overwhelmed. 

Weak Points

The story of Television was good. It served us with what we expected, but the screenplay failed to do justice to it. At some points it was too loose, while at others it was too abrupt. 

Also, because the lead pair failed to sprinkle the glitter of their chemistry, the film fell a bit weak. 


Despite some weak points and ignorable flaws, Television has turned out to be an entertainer that will make you laugh. Also, because it has a social message that expresses the greed of people who intend to get a dowry, we loved it for its effort as well.

So, now the next thing that you have to do is book the tickets to watch Television with your family, and get nostalgia thrown straight to your face. You will love it, and your parents will love it even more because they actually hate it when you waste an entire day sitting in front of the idiot box. Don’t they? 

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