Tere Layi Movie Review: Harish Verma’s Brilliance Adds Soul To This Average Story

Star CastHarish Verma, Sweetaj Brar, Nirmal Rishi, Seema Kaushal, Nisha Bano
DirectorAmit Prashar
Kiddaan Rating

As the year is heading toward its end, the Punjabi Film Industry is busy entertaining its audience with the last and final products of 2022. The latest Punjabi movie that has hit the cinema halls is Tere Layi and it stars Harish Verma and Sweetaj Brar in the leading roles. Yes, this is a fresh pairing, and nobody has any clue about what they look like as an on-screen couple. But in this Tere Layi movie review, you will finally get to know about the Harish-Sweetaj chemistry in the film and much more. 

The film, Tere Layi is a romantic drama movie and focuses on a modern-day relationship. Apart from a love story, this film will also serve you with some amount of comedy. Also, music has played a vital part to enhance the overall project. So read on our Tere Layi movie review to know all about the film’s story, star cast, direction, music and more. 


Starting with the story of the film, Tere Layi is based on a modern relationship story. The film starts with Harish Verma falling head over heels in love with Sweetaj Brar. He does almost everything to win the heart of this complicated girl and finally succeeds. Both Amreek (Harish) and Sanjog (Sweetaj) enjoy a happy relationship only to be disrupted by a commitment.

While Amreek wishes to spend all his life with Sanjog, and on the other hand, Sanjog is selfish about her life’s goals. Fearing a commitment, Sanjog breaks the relationship. And later on, the couple once again meets, as Sanjog plans to be benefitted from Amreek’s emotions. 

Sanog’s family is eager to get her married, and to escape the pressure, she introduced Amreek as her boyfriend to her family. And whatever happens next, cannot be disclosed here in detail. But here’s when the film will start picking the pace. Will Sanjog succeed in dodging her family or will her family get her married forcefully? To know, you have to watch Tere Layi. 

Acting & Performances

Though we have already disclosed the secret in the title, still we are once again repeating Harish Verma is the ultimate show stealer in the film. He plays a perfect guy who would easily fit in every girl’s dreams. His acting and expressions in the film really were convincing and we are confused why he is still so underrated as an actor. He is brilliant, and filmmakers need to extract the best from him.

On the other hand, Sweetaj Brar plays the female lead in Tere Layi. She too was good on her part and was intimidating every time she performed the mean and selfish side of Sanjog. Apart from Sweetaj, Nirmal Rishi also played a pivotal role in the film. She definitely is a brilliant actor, but her character development in the film was a bit weak.

Nirmal Rishi was introduced as a strict and bold sarpanch who is also the head of the family, but soon after the passing of some scenes, her character fluctuated. Although, we do not blame her for the issue, as it’s the writer’s responsibility to look after the character development of the actors. 

Also, the film featured great actors like Seema Kaushal, Nisha Bano and more in supporting roles. Though their roles did not have much to offer, they did well to fill in the space in the film. 

Writing & Direction

We are now taking this Tere Layi Movie review ahead to discuss the writing and direction of the film. Starting with the writing, the film’s story is penned by Krishana Daput. We appreciate how the man did not add any melodrama and the over-exaggerated scenes in the film because that’s what kept it genuine and relatable. 

But he could have put more effort into enhancing the emotions in the film. Since Tere Layi is a romantic drama movie, it required some emotional peak, but the film lacked in that case. Some deep conversations or impactful dialogues could have easily pulled that off.

Now talking about Amit Prasher, the director of the film did a good job in helming this simple story of complicated emotions. But again, with the same complaints, we felt the absence of required emotions in the film. 

Music & Dialogues 

We revealed in the very beginning that music played a very important role in this film. Before we start discussing the impact of the film’s playlist, we are going to appreciate Gurcharan Singh for producing the melodious background score. It really added energy to the film. 

Now coming to the film’s playlist, not all, but the songs expressing romance and emotions worked as a filler in the script’s loopholes. As already discussed, Tere Layi lacks in building an emotional peak, but to balance it out, there are some songs that are well placed in the film. They will definitely help to enhance the feel of the film. 

And talking about the dialogues in this Tere Layi movie review, the film didn’t really serve us with memorable dialogues. But a sequence and a small conversation about the father-son relationship was so powerful that it can literally pierce your heart in one go. Kudos to that one specific sequence. It was remarkable! 


Well, we can conclude our Tere Layi movie review by stating this film is enough to give you an overall good watch experience.  No doubt it has some loopholes and weak points, but Harish Verma’s acting, the relatable break-up scene, the songs and the healing background music are definitely band-aids. With your friends, and family, Tere Layi can surely be enjoyed in theaters near you. 

We hope our Tere Layi movie review has helped you in making up your mind about this romantic drama movie. It is light on the head, has emotions, some comedy and good music to enhance your mood. If you like watching movies with no rona-dhona-type emotions, Tere Layi will surely win your hearts. 

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