‘Teri Maa Ke Saath Mai Kya Karunga’: Kanishka Soni Reveals When A Legendary Actor Disrespected Her Mother

Kanishka Soni has been the main topic of headlines these days after she married herself recently. She decided to marry herself after she allegedly opened up that her first serious relationship was full of abuse and disturbing for her. Her awful life experiences have made her take this step of marrying herself rather than marrying a man. 

Kanishka Soni is known for her role in the serial ‘Diya Aur Baati Hum’. She has recently opened up about her unusual filmy experiences which have many powerful personalities involved in it. According to her, many powerful TV personalities tried to exploit her in the film industry during her working days. 

Soni says that she belongs to a very conservative family from Ahmedabad and that her family/mother has told her that girls have some limits. That girls do not use abusive words nor do they drink, overall the rules are different for both boys and girls in the Indian society. Further the actress said that her mother has taught her that, “If a girl marries a man then she has to make the marriage work anyhow, for the rest of her life.”

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The actress opened up about many personal bad experiences of her life. Allegedly, she was in a relationship which became super toxic for her as her partner used to harm in not sexually but mentally and physically. Talking about the industry, she once met a film legend for some purpose and said, “Once I met this legendary actor, and said my mother was a huge fan of him. He replied, ‘Tumhari maa ke saath kya karunga mai?’. 

These were just some incidents Kanishka Soni mentioned, according to her she had faced many such torturing events which had many big personalities and her ex-partners involved in it & her mental health. Blackmailing, physical abuse and many other events have been normal in her life. 

The actress is now happily married to herself and is enjoying her life to the fullest as she keeps updated the audience by her social media. Kanishka Soni is currently in the USA, and is interested in trying her luck in the Hollywood industry.

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