‘Teri Soch 100 Saal Piche Aa’, Shipra Goyal Bashes A Troller For His Degrading Remark

Shipra Goyal is one of those female singers who believes in experimentation in her songs. From low tunes to the party anthems she has given a number of hits to the industries. Recently, she reached an all different level with an amazing collaboration. 

Shipra has latestly released a song named ‘Romantic Raja’ which features Bhojpuri artist Khesari Lal Yadav too. Apart from him, this song has other Bollywood artists too, behind the camera. As soon as the song was released it garnered more than a million views in very less time. Not even the song but its teaser had also crossed 1 Million views on Youtube. 


Both the artists are busy promoting this track in their ways and of course IG Reel is the boon for the promotions of the same. Shipra recently posted a promotional reel of her song, when a user commented that just to gain fame, she has even collaborated with a Bihari in her latest song. “Ehe singer famous hon layi kise naal vi video bana lainde ne, Bihari naal vi”. To this Shipra had a very strong and heart-winning reply to the user. 

Teri soch 100 saal piche aa lagda, caste de naam te saareyan nu divide krna band karo. Kisaan andolan ch Punjab, Haryana, UP, Rajasthan saareya ne kathe ladayi ladi aa, ohde ch vi problem honi tenu?” “You still have an orthodox thinking, Stop dividing people on the basis of caste. During the Farmers’ protest everyone, Rajasthan, UP, Haryana, fought together and won the battle, you must have had a problem in that too? Stop this and get some life”, said Shipra replying to the troller. 

This comment of the artist won everybody’s heart and people under her comment started praising her for her remark she replied to the user. However, the comment was later deleted from the post, probably by the user himself.

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