Thana Sadar Movie Review: The Film Marks The Best Of Kartar Cheema And Vikramjeet Virk

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Starcast: Kartar Cheema, Vikramjeet Virk, Gunjan Katoch, Gurmeet Sajjan, Mahabir Bhullar, Hobby Dhaliwal and more. 
Directed By: Vikram Thori

The awaited movie Thana Sadar is finally entertaining the fans in the theatre. Its trailer already had cleared the fact that this movie is power packed with action. So you are an action fan, you already know that this one’s for you. In fact, not only action, the movie has a lot more to offer you as the movie is basically a crime-thriller drama. As compared to other thriller movies, which disappoint and fail to really develop a feeling of thrill while watching, Thana Sadar does a good job as the plot of the movie will keep you engaged till the ending. The screenplay of the film includes great action sequences, light punches, crimes and lots of drama. In simple words, it is an entire book which has brought out the issues of misguided youth, corruption, drugs, the image of Punjab Police and a lot more. 

Talking about its casting, Thana Sadar is a movie with amazing and a huge starcast, but personally we believe Kartar Chhema and Vikramjeet Virk outshines, and are practically the two leads. While Kartar Cheema plays the protagonist as the smart, intelligent police officer with a great physique, Vikramjeet Virk is the mastermind antagonist who plays not one but two villians in the movie. The movie has also marked the acting debut of Gunjan Katoch and Arsh Maini. Gunjan played the lady love of Ajit, and did a decent performance for silver screens. And on the other hand, renowned singer Arsh Maini also impressed us with his commendable acting skills as he is seen playing a pivotal role in the movie. Apart from these, the movie also stars some prominent and supremely talented actors of the Punjabi Film Industry like Hobby Dhaliwal, Mahabir Bhullar, Gurmeet Saajan and more. And everybody has did a fantastic job in performing their characters. 

Now coming towards the overall watching experience of the movie, the movie starts with the small story of Ajit (Kartar Cheema) finding a murderer, but as he succeeds, he gets his hand into a bigger scandal. After watching the trailer, we all knew that Thana Sadar will be about finding the murderer of Baani’s father, but what happens in reality is a little confusing. 

The first interval ends with serving good and satisfactory entertainment to the audience, but as the second one starts, it starts with unveiling some new stories and characters. Yes Kartar finds out the man behind his father in law’s murder, but the movie is a lot more than just finding the culprit. Because it is only when the plot heads towards its real story. As the town witnesses rising criminal cases by anonymous, international terrorist Moosa played by Vikramjit Virk turns out to be the man behind everything. And what and how he does and controls everything is something you’ll be watching in the movie. There are various moments in the movie, when it’s difficult for the viewer to keep up with what exactly is going on, and this is the biggest disappointment in the movie. So basically the plot of the movie is not predictable, but surely exaggerated. And also, we cannot miss to mention that the movie’s climax has also received mixed kind of reviews from us, it has a good chase sequence with good music and VFX, but it seems a little irrelevant when it turns out the entire police and special force with Kartar Cheema has vanished somewhere, and he is the only one chasing and fighting with Moosa. 

Overall, the movie can be a great one time watch (especially for the action fans). In Thana Sadar, not only you will enjoy the amazing performance of the actors, but will also be wowed by some excellent shots. Yes, the cinematography of the movie is good and some shots are extremely worth appreciating. So if you want to involve yourself in a thriller story with many twists, you can give it a try as Thana Sadar is waiting for you in the theatres near you.

And the one dialogue from the movie that defines and explains entire movie in one sentence is the last and most impactful one; 

‘Bulbule Te Kahani Shuru Hoyi Si, Atey Bulbule Te Hi Khatam…’

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