Thana Sadar: New Release Date Of Kartar Cheema Starrer Punjabi Movie Announced

Thana Sadar: New Release Date Of Kartar Cheema Starrer Punjabi Movie Announced

Now is the time for cinema fans to finally enjoy those movie nights, that first day first show feel because the theatres are finally open. The situation of Coronavirus seems to have finally subdued, until the probable next wave, and the Punjabi movie industry isn’t leaving this chance.

Thana Sadar starring Kartar Cheema in the lead role was announced earlier this year but the release date of the film was kept hidden, keeping in mind the unpredictable coronavirus situation. When the theatres finally opened, the makers rushed to announce the release date of the much awaited title. 1 October was fixed as the date for Thana Sadar’s worldwide release.

But now, there is good news for the fans awaiting this film. While we have heard movie releases being postponed due to various issues , on the other hand the release of Thana Sadar has been preponed. We know that the movie is ready in its final release form, so the makers might have felt that there’s no need to make the audience wait any longer. The new release date for Thana Sadar is 17 September.

Directed by Vikram Thori and written by Happy Rode, Thana Sadar is a movie inspired by true events. The official teaser of the movie has already been dropped on Youtube and the audience has received it very well. It gave a hint that Thana Sadar is going to be a action thriller with Kartar Cheema playing the lead role of a Police Officer fighting against evil. The release month of the movie has already begun, what’s more reason is needed to get excited about this project?

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