Thana Sadar Teaser Review: Kartar Cheema Is Ready With His Action Packed Thriller

Thana Sadar Teaser Review: Kartar Cheema Is Ready With His Action Packed Thriller

One of the most awaited films of the year, Thana Sadar is finally nearing its release. A few days ago, the makers of the film announced that the film will release theatrically worldwide on 1 October, and today, the official teaser for the Kartar Cheema starrer is finally out.

The teaser makes one thing very clear that Thana Sadar is going to be one hell of an action-packed thriller. The teaser of the film had a very dark vibe to it. Kartar Cheema was seen in his usual big-guy avatar, beating around the bad guys. The direction and the camerawork feels beautiful. Some of the shots are par excellence.

The teaser reveals the premise of the movie. It is going to be a battle of the good and the evil, right and wrong, honesty and dishonesty with some prime level violence! Kartar Cheema plays as the lead cop in the film, fighting against the bad men. 

What adds more to the dark vibe of the trailer is the unique voice in the background. The voiceover has been done by Amarinder Singh Sodhi. The rustic voice is also the voiceover artist of many Hollywood movie characters, most notably Hawkeye from Avengers series, many English Tv show characters like Rick Harrison from Pawn Stars and many more.

The teaser feels very exciting and Thana Sadar is surely going to be a treat for the viewers. Written by Happy Rode and directed by Vikram Thori, the team behind the film is amazing and there’s no way the film is not going to be. More interestingly, it is inspired by true events which is just another reason to rush to the theatres on 1 October and watch Kartar Cheema’s comeback after the lockdown.

Watch the teaser here:

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