The Award For Best Comedian Goes To Kaka Ji For His Tickling Stories On Instagram

Music composer and singer Kaka Ji has achieved a commendable position in Punjabi Music Industry with his songs. Apart from this, the artist also keeps entertaining his fans with his social media posts and stays quite active there. And while going through his social media, something grabbed our attention. 

Kaka shared an inspirational story that made social media get a laughter attack. The singer who has delivered amazing breakup songs seems to be a great comedian too. And if there was a category for ‘Most Rib-Tickling Instagram Posts’ in an award function, Kaka would definitely get nominated each year and of course, bring the trophy home. A few days ago he shared a story of an Old Man and a King which according to him is very inspiring. The way he narrates the story will force you not to scroll. Take a look:

Funny, isn’t it? Now, not only this, he has shared another video that will definitely crack your bones while laughing. This story is not only very heart-wrenching but very informative too. Hence, proceed with caution, the following content can leave you laughing on-repeat for hours.

As soon as Kaka posted these videos of him narrating a story humorously, the memes started popping out all over the internet and the netizens couldn’t stop laughing at what he just told. Earlier, he gave a quirky and humorous reply to one of his followers, who asked him to find a partner for him. And this time again he won our hearts after illustrating his comical side.

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