The Cost Of AP Dhillon’s Vogalstand Sneakers In Latest Outfit Will Amaze You

AP Dhillon who has become the favourite of many is a popular Punjabi singer, producer and songwriter. We are sure you already know him for his superhit song Brown Munde with Gurinder Gill and Shinda Kahlon. He is currently entertaining his fans with various superhit and amazing songs. But there is something else also that needs to be highlighted and appreciated about him. 

We are talking about his style statement and classy outfits. If you follow AP Dhillon on Instagram, you might have come across one of his recent Instagram posts.

You might have liked or commented on this picture, but you probably don’t know enough details about the same. The hoodie AP Dhillon is seen wearing in this picture is from his own merchandise; ‘Brown Munde’ and costs $90 i.e. 6,697 INR. He paired this cool hoodie with a pair of Purple Paint Repair Jeans that costs $275 i.e. 20,454 INR. But the show-stealer of this outfit was AP Dhillon’s sneakers that we chose to wear. He completed his outfit with Vogalstang  1’S Sneakers that cost almost 1,65,496 INR which is equal to $2,225.

We got to know about this detailed information about AP Dhillon’s outfit from PB Fits Instagram page which is updated with the outfit details of various popular Punjabi celebrities. You can follow PB Fits on Instagram to check out their amazing content. 

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