The Cost Of Diljit Dosanjh’s Gucci Outfit In EP Drive Thru Can Fund You Shopping For A Whole Year

Diljit Dosanjh is one of those artists from Pollywood who never disappoints his fans. The singer is famous for churning out hits after hits and tends to put his songs on the top music charts. His last album ‘Moon Child Era’ was a great hit and after that, the singer is all set to come up with his upcoming EP ‘Drive Thru’. Ever since the star made the announcement of a new album, his fans started counting days.

He has shared the series of photos from his upcoming EP. Undoubtedly, he and his outfits have again made a place in our hearts. From award functions to street style and from movies shoot to songs shoot, he never dishearten his fans with his sartorial choices. And recently he has been captured in all Gucci outfits.

But we dug more into his outfit and got to know the cost of the same. His Gucci 100 Canvas Jacket costs $3,945 i.e., 2,94,981 INR, his Gucci Canvas Jogging Pants which costs $1,020 is equal to 76,255 INR. He complimented the outfit with Bottega Veneta Puddle Bomber Shoes which is $1,100 equal to 82,236 INR. 

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Further, the total of all these items will blow your mind. All these are equal to ₹4,53,472. Check out the post:

Meanwhile, we got to know about this detailed information about Diljit Dosanjh’s outfit from PB Fits Instagram page which is updated with the outfit details of various popular Punjabi celebrities. You can follow PbFits on Instagram to check out their incredible content.

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