The Cost Of Ranjit Bawa’s Breitling Watch Will Shock You! Check Here

The Cost Of Ranjit Bawa’s Breitling Watch Will Shock You! Check Here

Ranjit Bawa, who is on the edge of taking over the Punjabi entertainment industry with his back-to-back projects, not only engages his fans with his songs and films but also with his desirable look and extravagant outfit.

This time he has not only impressed but amazed us as one of his recent outfits costs more than 6 lakh. We bet that you’ll be equally surprised and will be stunned to know the details about Ranjit’s outfit as shared by Instagram page, PB Fits.

His navy blue t-shirt is from Prada and costs $224 i.e., 16,743 INR, his bee leather belt is from Gucci which costs $449 is equal to 33,559 INR. He complimented the outfit with Porsche design sunglasses which is $329 equal to 24,610 INR. Further the cost of his Breitling navitimer watch will blow your mind, as it cost $7,144 which is equal to 5,33,290 INR.

Isn’t it amazing, that the total cost of the outfit is $8,146 i.e., 6,08,202 INR.

If you want to see more details about your favourite celebrities outfits and looks. Then you can go through the Instagram page PBFits, as they share many details about the outfits of popular celebrities.

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