The Emotional Story Behind Naming Simar Doraha’s Debut Album ‘XL’

Simar Doraha is undoubtedly the big thing in the Punjabi music industry. His pen has brought a different wave in the industry. His songs ‘Ranjha’, ‘Bullet’ are something the industry has never listened to before. The little man is one hell of a talent powerhouse and his struggle years are finally bringing him the fruit of patience.

On the occasion of Simar Doraha’s birthday, we present an interesting story connected to Simar’s life events, which resulted in him naming his debut album ‘XL’. On 12 February 2021, Simar Doraha announced his debut album ‘XL – Xtra Large album’. It only took him about a year to announce his debut album in the music industry. Few days later, on 19 February, the artist shared an interesting and emotional story behind naming the album XL.

One day, during his college times, Simar was at the table in his college canteen when he was eating ‘Pronthe’ (Parathas) and he asked himself to stop eating because he wanted to lose weight to get fit for singing and doing songs. But his-self replied that he’s perfect the way he’s and he does not need to change anything in him. No matter even if he is an XL size. 

The most beautiful thing about time is, it changes. The XL-sized man is still XL-sized but this time, with success and an album to his name. That day, Simar got up, picked up a stone and wrote ‘XL’ on a tree near the canteen. And today, the whole industry has their eyes on Simar Doraha’s album ‘XL’. This is not just a regular album, it is the story of Simar’s life and the world will witness it soon!

We wish the XL Simar Doraha a very Happy Birthday! Hope his album is as big as its name!

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