The Farmers Protest Became The Largest Protest Of The World

The Farmers Protest is currently going on in Delhi, India by the Farmers against the Indian Government’s recent ordinances in the Farm Bills. People from India and International level are supporting these farmers and standing by them to make them stay strong.

This protest is breaking many records one after another, and recently it became the largest protest ever in human history. More than two hundred million people joined the strike and protest on Thursday across India, making it the largest protest of the world.

But the more beautiful fact is that the Farmers Protest has been leading to no violence as the farmers are maintaining decorum and proper discipline. This peaceful protest is still continuing and the farmers are peacefully demanding for their rights.

Many celebrities, especially including Punjabi actors and singers are coming up to support the farmers openly. Artists like Sidhu Moosewala, Babbu Maan, Kanwar Grewal, Gurdaas Maan, Diljit Dosanjh, Ammy Virk, Ranjit Bawa, and many others with an international fanbase are directly or indirectly supporting the farmers.

We hope you stand by them too because a nation can be happy only when its farmers are happy.

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