The Fighting Spirit Of These 17 & 11 Year Old Brothers, Who Lost Their Father, Will Leave You Stunned

Every now and then, we hear stories of utmost bravery and fighting spirit. But two small brothers named Jashandeep Singh & Anshdeep Singh, one aged 17 and the other 11, have left us all speechless. The video of these brothers, who run a small restaurant in the divine land of Amritsar has gone viral over social media.

Popular cricketer Harbhajan Singh shared a video of the two little souls on his official Twitter handle. The video showed the brothers inviting customers to visit their restaurant and support them. The food outlet is named ‘Top Grill’ and is situated at the Sultanwind Gate near Jeet Garments, Amritsar. It deals in food stuffs like Burger, Garlic Bread, Wraps, Sandwiches, Pizzas, Shakes, Coffee etc. 

You cannot guess the story behind the two smiling faces through the video. ‘Top Grill’ was started by their father in October but he passed away on 26 December, 2021. His sudden loss pushed the responsibility of the family on the two little yet strong shoulders. The big brother’s words in the video, that their father and the 10th Guru Shri Guru Gobind Singh Ji always taught them to earn their meal, will leave you teary-eyed.

Though they are at a young age, their bravery is immeasurable. Jashan and Ansh live in a village about 25 km away from Amritsar and come to the restaurant every day on bike. They return to their home again on bike at night after closing the restaurant at about 10:00 pm. 

Despite going through the unbearable loss of their father at such a young age, the two souls refused to give up. They decided to remember the wordings of the Great 10th Guru and fight back. Cricketer Harbhajan Singh requested the people of the area to visit their restaurant at least once and help them in these hard times. 

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