The Insane Body Transformation Of Kambi Is Mind-Boggling. But Is It For Real?

Kambi Rajpuria is well known for many of his super hit tracks. Starting off his musical journey not so long ago, he has managed to reach the top list of amazing singers. He also keeps sharing many pictures and updating his fans regarding the forthcoming projects.

Further, the audience never misses any chance to express their love and excitement towards his posts. But recently, what the singer shared has shaken social media. Kambi took to Instagram and shared a picture of him flaunting his bulging muscles. Fans have gone gaga over Kambi’s physical transformation. Take a look at revamping post:

Earlier also, Kambi has shared his gym videos in which he can be seen working hard and passionately while working out.

And talking about his new post, which has become the talk of the town, it has really inspired everyone, be it his fans or punjabi celebs. Many used his comment section to share their love and excitement for his new look. 

But everyone needs to slow down, because we have something amazing to tell you. The post shared by Kambi is not really his picture. Yes, you read right. He has shared the picture of Steve Kris, who is known for his fitness and physique. Shocked? We were too and his fans as well. Both of them look so similar that it is hard to believe that the person in the post is some other one rather than Kambi.

In fact, Muzical Doctorz Sukhe was a real surprise at first. But afterwards he recognised. As he wrote, ‘Salea tensn paati c ehdr mai sheesha tod te saare gharde’

Isn’t it amazing how perfectly he tricked everyone. But for once, everyone thinks that he is Kambi. Now fans are hoping and wishing to see him like this soon. 

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