The Intro Song Of Diljit’s ‘Moon Child Era’ Finally Announced

The Intro Song Of Diljit's 'Moon Child Era' Finally Announced

Diljit Dosanjh had kept his fans excited and guessing about his upcoming album ‘Moon Child Era’. And now he is finally spilling the beans about more details and information about the same. He recently had an Q&A session on Instagram where he interacted with his fans and most of the questions from his fans and followers were related to Moon Child Era only. 

And you’ll be happy to know that he has opened but, he has revealed that both the audio and video shoot of the album is completed and also disclosed the name of the Intro song i.e. The Chosen One.

And now, the release of Intro: The Chosen One has been announced officially. Singer Raj Ranjodh took it to his Instagram account where he has shared the poster of the Intro song of Moon Child Era. The poster says ‘Coming Soon’, and also highlights the names Diljit Dosanjh, Raj Ranjodh and Intense. But we are not sure if we should consider this as the official poster, because it was fan made, and Raj had shared this already on his Instagram story. But now, since he has shared it as a post, it’s reaching a wider audience.

Now we are only waiting for the team to officially announce the exact release date too because this wait feels like too long. But on the other hand, we also believe that the ‘Moon Child Era’ is approaching soon.

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