The Kaur Movement And Sukh Sanghera’s Fight Is Hot Again

Sukh Sanghera is a renowned video director of the Punjabi Music Industry who is known for his commendable camera shots. But he was accused in an ugly case of sexual harassment last year when some models accused him of molesting them. Popular model Rachelle Michelle reached out to The Kaur Movement to share her bitter experience.

Since then this case is heating up and statements are released time after time. The case is again in the highlights once again after The Kaur Movement shared a post of their Instagram account.

The Kaur Movement addressed the Punjabi Industry in one of its Instagram posts. The post questioned the industry working with a director who is involved in a harassment case. And ended by concluding with a strong statement, ‘Mark my words, I will not leave this case unsolved.’

After that, in the next post, The Kaur Movement raised questions of Sukh Sanghera once again. They also talked about how Sukh Sanghera is trying to mislead with false information. And how he accused Karan Aujla and Sandeep Rehan for trapping him in the case.

Through the Instagram post, The Kaur Movement made it very clear that Karan Aujla and Sandeep Rehan didn’t even contact them. In fact, they were only connected to the victims and the police regarding the case.

After this post was made public on Instagram, Sukh Sanghera shared a story in which he was seen grooving with the caption ‘FADLO’. It is believed he did this to answer The Kaur Movement.

The Kaur Movement has also shared the same video on their Instagram account and bashed Sukh Sanghera badly.

They captioned it by,

“JJ Sachi jatt da putt aa na fer sidha matha la sade naal , vichole pa k gal na kar…Tenu dasiye kehde bakre bolde aa

Jattan de putt dhamkiyaan ni dinde hunde mathe ch wajde aa. Jattan de putt beganiyaan DHIYAAN -BHENA di v izzat bachaunde hunde aa . Te tu ta punjab diyaan dhiyaan-bhena naal dhaka karke izzat rol reha,

Ayea wadda jatt.

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