The Most Trending Punjabi Memes Of 2021, That Made The Year Entertaining

The world should officially announce ‘Memes’ as the ‘Word Of The 21st Century’. It is hard to recall something that has ruled the world the way memes have, though Britishers are a tough competition. 2021 was a big year in terms of ‘Memes’. And all thanks to the Punjabi Meme Community, the audience was entertained throughout with hilarious memes. 

Be it a controversy, an awkward picture, a funny event, or even a word! The Meme Community leaves no chance to let out their creativity and create the most hilarious memes in the world. Luckily, 2021 was filled with all these. We saw controversies and funny moments which in turn resulted in great memes.

Here Are The Most Trending Memes Of The Year 2021

1. Sidhu Moosewala Political Memes

The Punjabi Music Giant Sidhu Moosewala left the whole state shocked when he announced that he’s officially joined the Congress party ahead of 2022 Punjab Polls. The news was big and the meme community got a chance to create the best ideas out of it. Karan Aujla joining Akali Dal, Babbu Maan joining AAP and a number of such hilarious memes went viral all over social media.

2. ‘Saleya Tu Drake Aan’ – Sharry Maan

Sharry Maan’s Instagram live after Parmish’s wedding is without a doubt the most iconic live in the history of Punjabi Industry. The drunk Sharry Maan gave birth to a meme that would go down in history! ‘Saleya Tu Drake Aan’ became the new comeback reply for all Punjabis and this was without a doubt the most trending meme of the year. Also, Sharry Maan wasn’t allowed to carry his phone to Parmish’s wedding, which resulted in even better and funnier memes around the topic.

3. Karan Aujla’s Expensive Merch

Karan Aujla launched his official merchandise ‘Hukam Clothing’ in 2021. The excitement changed to shock when the merchandise was officially released after a long wait. Even his die-hard fans were left stunned when they set their eyes on the price tags of Karan’s merchandise. Hoodies pricing up to Rs. 10,000 and much more! This gave rise to thousands of hilarious memes. 

4. All-rounder CM Channi

This was another meme that took over the year 2021. Though Charanjit Singh Channi was appointed the CM of Punjab only for a short duration of time at the end of Congress’ reign in Punjab, he was successful in giving us a fun time. His quote ‘Ghr Ghr Wich Challi Gall, Channi Karda Masle Hall’ is undoubtedly the quote of 2021. And the man has done everything! You name it, and he’s done it at some part of his life! This all rounder abilities of CM Channi resulted in the most trending memes of 2021.

5. Neetu Shatranwala

Times should officially declare this man, person of the year 2021. While the whole Punjabi Industry was releasing their albums, how could Neetu Shatranwala stay behind. He came with his own ‘NeetuTape’ and went on to fire shots at Sidhu Moosewala and various other Punjabi artists! God knows what would have happened if this man found his lost 1 lakh songs copy!

6. Trust The Process

Another contribution to the meme world by Karan Aujla. Karan Aujla’s debut career album BTFU was set to be released in the month of July but every time we expected Karan to come live and announce the album, he would go on to announce another date for more updates. His ‘Trust The Process’ became a viral meme and BTFU took 3 months to be released. People were just not able to trust the process.

7. Salfaas Guy 

Punjabi Instagram Influencer, Deep Matharu, tried to commit suicide by consuming poisonous substance, Celphos. He claimed that his American girlfriend cheated with him with an American guy and this was the reason why he tried to commit suicide but the jokes started coming when his video, which the internet claimed to be of him riding the bike and going to the hospital after consuming Celphos went viral. It became a source of memes for the Punjabi audience.

8. Diljit V/s Kangana

Diljit Dosanjh & Kangana Ranaut had both indulged in an online spat during the farmers’ protest. While Kangana Ranaut couldn’t stop calling the farmers terrorists and making various claims without evidence, Diljit decided to shut the actress out with his replies. Kangana got schooled on various occasions by Diljit and this also gave rise to many funny memes around the controversy between the two.

These were some of the most trending Punjabi memes of 2021. Politicians, celebrities, social media influencers, nobody was left behind when the meme community started getting creative. 2021 was an amazing year for memes and we saw a number of memes coming our way. 

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