The Mystery Of Black Prince ‘Maharaja Duleep Singh’

This article is in collaboration with Devansh Kaushal

We are living in Punjab, the state which has experienced the joy of 5 Rivers, blessings of 10 Gurus, and the rule of some Maharajas. The state is well known by the name of Royal Estate 

Whenever we go through the history of Rulers of Punjab, then we can never ignore the name of Maharaja Duleep Singh who is famously known as The Black Prince. Maharaja Duleep Singh was the last ruler who was born as the youngest son in the house of Great ruler  Maharaja Ranjit Singh  ( Sher – E – Punjab ) and was the only child of Maharani Jind Kaur.

The most amazing fact about Singh is that he was given the title of Maharaja of Punjab at the age of only 5 years in 1843 at Lahore. Maharaja Duleep Singh was the last ruler of Punjab who never got to rule. His mom and uncle administered the affairs of the republic till 1849 when the British annexed Punjab. Maharaja Duleep Singh was isolated from his mom Maharani Jind Kaur. After an instruction with an English couple in India, he was packed off to England in 1854.

Maharaja Duleep Singh was trained in a very English style of life – his language, customs, the spirituality of Punjab were cut off from him and he became a ward of the British. The very tender Duleep Singh wad converted to Christianity.

Queen Victoria, the British monarch at that era, took a desire for him. She desired to call him “my black prince”. From the earlier records, it shows Singh became a foreign presence at impressive parties. Admittedly, Duleep Singh enjoyed the lavish life of an English aristocrat.

When 10-12 years passed after his arrival in England, He observed the pain of disconnection from his mother and asked to allow her to join him. But after her unanticipated death, he married Bamba Muller brought up by Christian missionaries. The couple got blessed with several children and he also got offspring from the next relationship. But None of his descendants remain though.

The life of Maharaja Duleep Singh in the Elveden hall of Britain believed to be the luxurious life he could afford on the gratuity the British proffered him. When Mr. Singh fell into the pond of debt, he necessitated compensation for his gone land in India and this thing got to be ignored

When Maharaja Duleep Singh decided to sail for India in 1886 to recover a portion of his assets, He was placed on house arrest in the city of Aden. He further planned a rebellion with some groups of Russians, Irish people, and white Americans. This all went in vain.  In the end, Maharaja Duleep Singh converted back to Sikhism. 

Maharaja Duleep Singh received the call of God on 22 October 1893 in Paris and he got buried in Elveden Church in BritainThanks for reading a fabrication inscribed by Devansh Kaushal and You can also inspect his Website and Instagram.

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