The Official Trailer Of “Declaration Of A Revolution” Proves The Documentary To Be Worth Watching

A new documentary is on the surface. It will get the entire world acquainted with an ongoing farmers’ protest. Half of the world must be aware of this by the virtue of international media, and India’s social media. The official trailer of ‘Declaration of a Revolution’ was out on 19th April gives a glimpse of the documentary, the audience will feel a cold shiver watching it.

The title of this documentary is quite appropriate as this protest is not an ordinary protest that people have been witnessing for ages, it is a revolution. Hundreds of thousands of protestors marched to Delhi, India’s capital, to raise their voice against the three farm laws to support their livelihood. Amid the corona pandemic, excruciating weather conditions, dreadful media support, how people keeping their body and soul together living on the street is quite challenging and yet they sparked the largest peaceful protest. 

The trailer shows clips of protestors pulling through winters, heavy rainfall along with increasing death rate. It is distressing for anyone who still has humanity in their heart. The trailer itself has touched every nuance of this protest including violation of laws by the government, courage stories of farmers and international support.

Like its trailer, the documentary will be worth watching informative and motivational. The documentary is edited and directed by Harbal Deep Singh, penned by Angad Pal Singh, music given by Dr. Manpreet Singh and it is being presented by ‘Nishkam TV films’

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