The Price Of Louis Vuitton Bicycle Is Equals To 500+ Atlas Cycles! Read Why So Costly

Everyone is aware of the fact that bicycles are the world’s most indispensable and ecological modes of transportation. But when international brand Louis Vuitton launched its exclusive models of bicycle, it turned all facts upside down.

LV has launched bicycles for both genders. The brand has kept its price only $ 28,900 i.e Rs 21,12,363. They are available in four colours – red, blue, yellow and black and also have a variant with brown leather covering with the Louis Vuitton monogram made on it. 

But that’s not all; they are available in two different models – the first has a basket in front, while the second has a diamond painting on the back. All these incredible and unique qualities make it high-priced. 

However, Louis Vuitton has partnered with Parisian bicycle maker Maison Tamboite to launch this set of luxury bikes. Meanwhile, at the same cost of Rs 21 Lakh, one can buy more than 528 Atlas bicycles. That’s why the price has left internet users in shock. Read and know their hilarious reaction

This is not the first time any international brand has surprised anyone with its unimaginable prices. Earlier, the New Zealand company’s vintage charpai price also amazed the people with its whopping price.

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