The Real Truth Behind Saajz And His Ex-Wife Anu Sharma, The Latter Says, ‘I Am Not Legally Divorced Yet’

Afsaajz aka Afsana Khan and Saajz’s marriage has got into trouble, as earlier this month, the reports of Saajz’s ex-wife, making some revelations about her ex-husband were out. Anu Sharma, a resident of Raipur, Chhattisgarh recently came forward to make a legal hold on Afsana-Saajz’s marriage as she claimed to be not legally divorced from her husband, Saajan Sharma aka Saajz. 

In some recent interviews, Anugrah Ranjan (Anu Sharma) has openly talked about her and Saajz’s marriage as the latter is heading to marry popular Punjabi singer Afsana Khan in February. 

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Hearing all this Anu came forward and filed a petition legally and claimed that she is not yet officially divorced with Saajz as he had not mentioned her correct house address and their original marriage date in the divorce papers. Overall, she has officially called this divorce as illegal because of the misinformation Saajz has given to the court and also she was not anywhere involved and her consent was not taken for this divorce to be filed. 

Read the entire story timeline of Anu Sharma and Saajan Sharma (Saajz) as per what Anu told in the interviews: 

  • Saajz used to work in a steel plant in Odisha and Raipur (Chattisgarh), Anu’s home-district, used to fall on the way to his working place. He met Anu through a common friend and later proposed to her for marriage. 
  • They got married on 27 June 2014 and later Anu sold her land with the consent of her mother to help Saajz in opening a music academy named Steps and Rhythm
  • Saajz’s brother and sister-in-law never liked her and they never allowed Anu to step out of the home after marriage. Saajz’s parents are no more so his brother and sister-in-law were the only elder ones who Anu considered as father-mother figures. 
  • Saaj’z brother and sister-in-law used to abuse Anu’s mother every now and then later after a random small argument among them and she asked Saajz’s to settle separately from the family. 
  • They got separated from the family but Saajz was in constant touch with his brother and sister-in-law, according to Anu they used to brainwash Saajz regarding her and her family. Saajz turned to be violent, as per her, and used to abuse her too. 
  • In 2016, Anu was 2.5 months pregnant when Saajz left her and started living separately. He only visited her once after the birth of their daughter, Nishtha Sharma, in 2016, lived with her only for a year without regularly being with them, and never turned back to see and take care of her then-wife and daughter.
  • Whenever their daughter, Nishtha calls her father Saajz, he in return tells the kid who she is and he does not know her, and then cuts the call. 
  •  Saajz has blocked her and her family members on all the social media platforms and this is the reason she didn’t know about his relationship with Afsana Khan earlier. 
  • Later, when she came through the moments of Afsaajz’s engagement she tried to reach Saajz through the phone but he never talked to her and picked her call, even blocked her number.
  • Then, Anu tried to reach Saajz’s brother during the time of second lockdown (after Afsaajz’s engagement) and he said that she can come there and live but Saajz is with another girl in a live-in relationship. He even told her to give them her daughter and that they would take care of the kid. 
  • When Anu tried to find out the girl he was living with and got engaged, she was not told the whereabouts of the girl (Afsana Khan). 
  • She got her tickets booked after a talk session with Saajz’s brother but Saajz asked her to cancel the tickets and not visit him so she did not go at that time. 
  • Anu, after hearing and witnessing all this, came forward to file a petition against Saajz as she says the divorce was totally illegal as her consent wasn’t involved in it. Saajz even has filled misinformation regarding their marriage and her house address. 

A summon has also been sent to Saajz from the court regarding the matter and the hearing is also scheduled to happen soon. According to Anu, she now wants everything to be sorted and that the truth comes in front of the people very soon. Anu has got none behind her back and has a widow mother and a daughter to take care of them, alone and she even mentioned that she wants everything to be clarified and sorted soon as she is really disturbed and stressed regarding her daughter and her further life. 

However, no comment has been made by Saajz on this issue and the story is still one-sided as we have only witnessed what Anu Sharma has told in her interviews.  
Source: Cine Punjabi & Bollywood Tadka Punjabi

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