The Recent Pictures Showing Baba Apologizing To Gaurav Wasan Made The Internet Emotional

Popular sayings suggest the easiest way to resolve any quarrel is apologizing and confessing. Kanta Prasad, the owner of popular Baba ka Dhaba has recently apologized from Gaurav Wasan and said, ‘he is not a thief’.

As soon as the video went viral, Gaurav came and met Kanta Prasad at his dhaba once again. After seeing Gaurav, Kanta Prasad broke down and felt sorry, while Gaurav was picking him up and consoling. The pictures from their meeting have surfaced on the internet and made netizens emotional. 

Gaurav undoubtedly is a man with a golden heart because not everyone has a heart big enough to accept the sorry and forgive the one who did bad to him.

Gaurav also shared a beautiful picture with Kanta Prasad & his wife and stated that all is well between them.

He wrote, “All is well that ends well. Galti karne wale se bada Galti maaf karne wala hota hai. (Mere Maa Baap ne hamesha yehi seekh di hai) नानक नाम चड़दी कलां, तेरे भाणे सरवत दा भला।”

His post has made headlines for positive news shared by various media houses. The internet & people are extremely happy to see them together and can’t stop praising Gaurav.

Here are some of the tweets by people who shared their feelings about this reunion.

How beautiful is the fact that the story we all learnt for scoring good in school is finally justified now. There cannot be any better example of ‘All is well, that ends well’.

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