The Story Behind Satinder Sartaaj’s 52-lined Sai Song

Satinder Sartaaj, the name in itself is musical. There is no doubt to the fact that Sartaaj is an invaluable diamond of the industry and the connection he has with music is simply spiritual. Even big celebrities of the Punjabi music industry are amazed by the man’s magnificence and wish to possess art just like him.

Having given the world some of the most melodious and euphonious songs, one song, Sai, is still defined as one of the most beautiful musical journeys by the artist. The song is a 52-lined long journey but the beauty of the song does not make you realize it’s so lengthy. Sartaaj recently revealed how he came up with one of the most beautiful songs of his career. 

Sartaaj wrote the song in May 2008, when he used to live in Sector-38 in a rented place. To make the song a reality, Sartaaj decided he would not eat or drink anything till the time he hadn’t made the complete song.

 He got up in the morning and sat beside his harmonium and did not consume anything till he went like “Sai Ve Sadi Fariyaad Tere Tai” and created this absolute magical melody. 

It was during the creation of the song that he later realised he hadn’t even completed the lyrics and then went onto add lines.

The industry cannot be more proud of this gem. Sartaaj is one artist the whole Punjabi community boasts off in the world to have. He has always created songs that fall like feathers on the ears and it is always interesting to hear how he creates these magical songs. 

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